Tennant IP

Trade Marks and Company Name Watching


Watching the market. We offer an additional, recommended watching service that will notify you of any conflicting marks or names before registration takes place in the UK/EU by using specialist watching programmes. This proactive step means that you have total knowledge of the trade marks that are trying to be registered and early intervention in these cases may prevent commercial damage to your business.

Trade mark watching. Tennant IP can monitor the trade marks register in the United Kingdom, European Union and national offices of individual countries worldwide. You will be alerted to any published marks we consider conflict with your trade mark and will be advised of the appropriate course of action to take to protect your trade mark rights.

Company Names watching. The Registrar of Companies will only refuse registration of an identical company name, therefore, a company with a name similar to your name could well be registered. If a similar name is registered whether intentionally or innocently, confusion can occur in the market place. Tennant IP will inform you immediately if a company with a similar name is registered, allowing you time to consider whether to raise an objection to its registration with Companies House.

How we can help. This service has been taken up by the majority of our clients and is ran on an annual subscription basis. For further details of prices and if you have any questions with regard to the benefits that the watching service can give you, please get in touch using the contact details on the Contact Us page.