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Trade Marks: Post-Registration


Enforcement of your rights. Once your trade mark is registered, Tennant IP Ltd. can continue to monitor and manage your intellectual property portfolio.

Renewals. All our client’s trade marks are logged onto our database and as registered trade marks must be renewed every 10 years, we will notify you of any upcoming deadlines and give you the peace of mind that your portfolio is in safe hands.

Protection against infringers. As your brand continues to grow and achieve a reputation, the chances are that third parties will try to copy you. Not only are we proficient in handling any potential infringement, from first contact in notifying parties with potential infringing activity via cease and desist letters, but also through to launching legal proceedings through the courts against infringing parties.

As your intellectual property is the most valuable asset that your company owns, we can also advise and facilitate agreements for mortgaging or licensing your trade marks, so that you maximise the value of your intellectual property.